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Saturday, April 25, 2009

i'm really sorry....

i'm really sory
doesn't mean to hurt you..
please forgive me..
i try to message you last night after you get mad
trying to write that i'm sory
you'd never reply
twice message that had not been reply
then, i call you twice you never pick up
first i think that you just want to make a joke
but then i realise that you are serious..
but why?
is it because of me?
because of my attitude?

my dear
i'm sory
it just because you never been serious to me before..
and we don't much time to see each other again..


  1. hai..
    salam singgah..
    boleh kita berkenalan?
    kalau anda sudi, anda boleh jadi rakan se-blogger saya..
    terima kasih..

  2. mungkin dia ada alasan tersendiri kot atau dia mmg jenis yg namapk tak serius tp serius.

    anyway, sila join contest saya yer.

  3. to zuhdi:
    saye da masukkan awk dalam bloglist saye..

  4. to John Iverson:
    harap2 la..
    tp kadang2 rase cm da putus ase nak mintak maaf..

  5. to Shitsurei shimashita:
    hmm...mungkin la..
    susah la nak jangke...
    ha?contest ape pulak ni?